Our steel mill is located in the industrial hub of Port Qasim, Karachi. The plant covers over 48,400 square yards (equivalent to 10 acres) and includes a fully integrated composite melting and re-rolling unit. World-class manufacturing forms the essence of Platinum Steel. In the manufacturing process, our facilities ensure that every step – from scrap blending to rolling to dispatching – follows the highest standards of quality. Our plant combines modern manufacturing practices with cutting edge technology to produce world class products as per international standards.




Platinum Steel opens doors to Pakistan’s first European technology based induction furnace with fast melting facilities. Our fully computerized and automated furnace increases the efficiency of production while simultaneously lowering the levels of impurity and wastage.



Platinum Steel is driven by a passion for excellence, which is reflected across all our operations. We have invested in a fully modernized Continuous Casting Machine which ensures the
production of homogenized billets and fully supports direct rolling. Our CCM paired with our direct rolling technology makes our manufacturing process more efficient .



Our commitment to providing top quality rebar's has also led to the installation of an ultra modern reheating furnace. Our reheating furnace ensures precision in temperature control  so that standardized and uniform heating is maintained throughout the billet before it is processed through the rolling mill. It guarantees consistency in quality and warrants that only the most superior rebar’s are produced.




Platinum Steel has also installed an ultra modern, state of the art bar rolling mill. This bar rolling mill is capable of direct rolling billets from the CCM as well as from the reheating furnace. The bars produced meet international quality standards to the satisfaction of our customers.

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